Disinfection & Cleaning

Aidal Plus Disinfectant 5l

AIDAL PLUS is suitable for use in Hospitals, Dental and Medical Surgeries and Veterinary Hospitals, for the Sterilisation and High Level Disinfection of Critical and Semi Critical Medical Devices.
AIDAL PLUS is a polyglycol dialdehyde complex instrument disinfectant intended for general use in a surgical practice where Sterilisation or High Level Disinfection is required. It is a stable, odour suppressed, mildly acidic glutaraldehyde Sterilant and Instrument Disinfectant (High Level), which exhibits potent biocidal action against those important resistant pathogens which now challenge the performance of present and past generation glutaraldehyde disinfectants.
AIDAL PLUS shows several major improvements over alkaline activated Glutaraldehyde. Improved biocidal performance is achieved with reduced glutaraldehyde odour and reduced propensity for irritation and yellowing to human skin compared with alkaline glutaraldehyde preparations.
AIDAL PLUS has been tested in a wide array of tests and various conditions, including testing at the end of the shelf life, at the end of the re-use period, diluted to the Minimum Recommended Concentration of active material (1.5% Glutaraldehyde), and then soiled and tested in hard water against hardest to kill organisms.
AIDAL PLUS will not damage endoscopes or other complex medical equipment when used in accordance with directions and the instrument manufacturers instructions.
AIDAL PLUS has an MRC (Minimum Recommended Concentration) of 1.5% w/w glutaraldehyde. All tests for sterilant or disinfectant efficacy were conducted at the MRC or lower in accordance with strict performance standards.

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